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5 valuable things I learned this year in photo class: capturing motion in photos aperture and ISO settings photoshop patience in taking photos understanding cameras  


Word Art

Travel Poster

I’ve been to Oregon before, and it’s been one of my favorite places to go explore because it’s so beautiful and green and the waterfalls are so nice especially during the summer the mist feels nice.

3 Most compelling photos

This photo is one of my favorites because the guy stood in front of the tanks with courage and refusing to move knowing he may be killed but he chose to still stand-up front. This photo really has a sad… Continue Reading →

National Geographic covers

I really like this magazine because the subject is beautiful and overall, just looks very nice. I like this magazine because the place it was taken is nice. This magazine is one of my favorites because it’s a up close… Continue Reading →


tips to good portrait photography Use natural lighting, get a background with low details, make the subject stand out, and use a longer lens. I really like this photo because it has very good lighting and it really focuses on… Continue Reading →

Action sharp and motion photography

  Some techniques for sharp and motion photography is to set it to a fast shutter speed, use the right ISO setting, and focus on the subject.  




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